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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian’s maternity style so far: Sexy, sheer, lace and all black

When it comes to her maternity style, the reality television star shows that once you go black, you don’t go back.

Another nightclub hosting event called for another another black ensemble for Kim Kardashian. Kardashian showed off her pregnancy curves in a sheer outfit at ........................

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian flaunts her pregnancy curves in a sheer black blouse

Kanye West’s ‘baby mama’ Kim Kardashian flaunted her curves, on the ICED event at Cowboys Dance Hall red carpet Canada, the Daily Mail reported on Jan. 5.

The reality television star showed off her pregnancy glow, among other things, in another all black  ensemble; a sheer blouse, which exposed a black lace bra, a sleek ......................................

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Monday, December 31, 2012

20 very sexy, yet elegant dresses every woman needs in her closet on New Year's Eve and Every Night

In our previous New Year’s Eve fashion and style article, we discussed how to nail the perfect party look. Now, it is time to give some dress options for nailing that perfect look.

Between the parties and stylish resolutions, there are so many dresses to choose from. The Fashion Examiner has chosen 20 stylish dresses from.............................

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Jennifer Lawrence loves junk food and Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Getty Images

Fashion ‘It’ girl and actress, Jennifer Lawrence covers the January 2013 issue of Marie Claire South Africa, and talks to the magazine about everything from food to her daily lifestyle and New Year’s resolutions.

Rader Online reported on Dec. 30, 2012, that Lawrence, who rocks a silver cutout dress on the cover, told the magazine that she prefers watching reality television over staying out late.

"After it's 11, I'm like, 'Don't these kids ever get tired?' When I'm out, I think about my couch. Like.....

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady: It's a girl for the beautiful couple

Congrats to supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her athlete hubby, Tom Brady on the birth of their daughter, Vivian Blake.
Vivian was born at home in Boston and joins brothers, John and Benjamin.
The blissful new mom posted this on her Facebook page.............
“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel.”   “She is healthy and full of life. Thank you all for your support and well wishes. We wish you and your families many blessings.”

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gilt Designer Sales: Nanette Lepore, Pink Tartan, ML Monique Lhuillier, House of Harlow 1960

 Scoring designer deals for less is every fashionista's bliss! Gilt Groupe provides a designer hub, offering designer fashion for up to 80% off.

Today's deals include fashion from House of Harlow 1960, Haute Pink Tartan and so much more.


Will she wear Prada? Anna Wintour for US ambassador to the UK

Getty Images
Rumor has it that President Obama is considering appointing Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour to the United States Ambassador post in the most friendly United States ally, the United Kingdom.

According to Bloomberg, both Wintour and the former United States ambassador to Sweden, Matthew Barzun are being considered by the President for the post. Bloomberg notes that she may be up for the post in France. Some may ask, Is ........... CLICK HERE to Continue reading the rest of this article on the National Fashion Examiner.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday gift guide for the philanthropic fashionista


This holiday season there is probably someone on your list who loves to shop with a purpose. For that fashionista, give the gift that keeps on giving.
We have curated a gift guide that showcases gifts (all under $20) that provide entrepreneurship opportunities for men and women, bring hope to victims of human trafficking and provide gifts for children in need throughout the year.
Fashion accessories are a great addition to any fashionista's wardrobe. We have chosen three accessories that add..... CLICK HERE to Continue reading this article on the National Fashion Examiner.


Holiday gift guide for the natural hair fashionista


Most of us know someone rocking her natural hair and looking for the next best hair moisturizer, smoothie, cream or oil. You name it, the naturalista is searching for it. Anything to make that afro manageable, the curls, curlier and the hair thicker.

This holiday season, give something to keep those tresses healthy and gorgeous. Finding the perfect gift for the naturalista is simple and easy. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for the newly natural gal or the long-time twist diva, hair products, stylish accessories and fashionable apparel all make great stocking stuffers.

The gifts don't have to expensive or glamorous. In this instance, give ..... CLICK HERE to Continue reading this story on the National Fashion Examiner.


How to wear statement jewelry pieces this holiday season and all year round

Nothing says sparkle, glitz and glam like the holidays. And nothing jazzes up a simple holiday outfit like a statement jewelry piece. Whether one prefers a simple chain or an elaborate bejeweled spectacle, there is something for everyone.

The key to exuding effortless, chic and instant glam to add the perfect, versatile statement piece that works before, during and after the holiday season – that is the true gift of a recessionista. Incorporating statement jewelry into one’s wardrobe is definitely a seasonless trend.

Whether it’s the little black dress for the black-tie holiday gala, the pinstripe suit for the evening office soirée, or the white t-shirt and jeans for the casual holiday get-together, statement jewelry pieces take any........... CLICK HERE to Continue reading the rest of the story on the National Fashion Examiner.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gilt Sales: Trina Turk, Z Spoke by Zac Posen, Haute Hippie, Jack Rogers and much more!

 Scoring designer deals for less is every fashionista's bliss! Gilt Groupe provides a designer hub, offering designer fashion for up to 80% off.

Today's deals include fashion from Z Spoke by Zac Posen, Haute Hippie, Trina Turk, Deux Lux Handbags, Jack Rogers and so much more.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

MiMi's Pregnancy Journal: Week 15 - Everything is coming along

MiMi's pregnancy journal - 15 weeks pregnant
Week 15 has been pretty uneventful... Thankfully!! Baby Okra is growing well and getting bigger. Strong, healthy heartbeat and gorgeous features. LOL!!! I'm assuming.....

My nausea is getting better, which is great because work is starting to get really hectic these days. I'm excited for the warmer weather and very excited to be rocking my maternity clothes. Plus, I'm told I'm glowing..whatever that means...

I cannot believe this is happening right now. It feels so surreal and I'm so incredibly happy and blessed. I had a dream that I Baby Okra is a girl. That's interesting because I've had baby boy dreams over the last few years, but never a baby girl dream. My instinct says boy but then sometimes I think girl. I still excited to be team green. This is truly the only true and wonderful surprise in life. At least hubby and I think so.

Till next week, stay well everyone!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

MiMi's Pregnancy Journal: Week 14 - Time to rock maternity clothes

MiMi's pregnancy journal - 14 weeks pregnant


I made it back safely from my business trip to Beirut and I've just started my second trimester. The nausaea is still around, but its much better now. Wish I could say the same about all this extra spit.

Now that I'm showing its time for some maternity clothes. I had some coupons for a fab sale at Pea in a Pod, where I picked up a few necessities. I'm super excited to rock these looks. They definitely do not look like maternity clothes. You'll see them in upcoming weekly pix.

This is gonna be one stylish team green bump!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

MiMi's Pregnancy Journal: Week 13 - Avocado Maki Week

MiMi's pregnancy journal - 13weeks pregnant (at our hotel in Beirut) 

So, I've made it to week 13 and I made it safely to Lebanon with my colleagues. Workwise, things are going great. Physically, its been a roller coaster. Thankfully, the connecting flight from the US to Germany wasn't so bad. I drank so much ginger ale, I thought I'd turn into ale. I was very nauseaus, but did not vomit. I can't say the same for the flight from Germany to Beirut. Oy!!
These past couple of days have been hectic and Baby Okra is definitely not giving me a break. I've thrown up in almost every cab we've been in and I am missing out on all this good food out here. All I can eat is avocado maki sushi. At least that's healthy, right? But its not even real sushi. Oy!!
All I can say is to God be the glory, because I know a few women who would love to have my problems. I thank God for all of this and pray for a safe flight back home.................. It's the end of week thirteen and I"m so excited to start my second trimester....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MiMi's Pregnancy Journal: Week 12 - Up in the Air

MiMi's pregnancy journal - 12 weeks pregnant

It has been an exciting couple of weeks since I found out I was pregnant. As you notice, I haven't posted anything since week 4. Well, lets just say its been that kind of party, the puking, nauseating, ridiculously tired kinda party. Work is also super crazy. I have two hearings/trials coming up in a few months and I have to leave for work travel to Lebanon today. And the kicker is that my drs have decided that I'm having a high risk pregnancy and should limit travel. That's great to know 4 hours before I board my flight. God is in control though and all will be well.

How have the last 8 weeks been? Eye opening. I've thrown up in every thrash can in the office and its been a feat trying to hide this pregnancy at work. This week everyone found out cuz a nosy colleague found me throwing up in the bathroom. Oh well, at least they didn't find out until I hit the three month mark. I'm taking meds for the nausea, but its not really working and I think I'll just stop taking them for now. I'm all packed and heading to the airport.

I hate the throwing up part, but I love every minute of being pregnant. To know that a beautiful life is growing inside of me everyday just makes me so humbly grateful for God's amazing grace. I can't wait to meet this little baby and if one more person asks me if I'm going to find out the sex of the baby, I'm going to fly. For the 100th time, I'm not. This is one of the only true beautiful surprises in life. Why ruin it?

My cravings? Only 1. Okra!!!!! Now, I've named my baby, Baby Okra. It just works. I eat okra for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do they have okra in Lebanon? Oh gosh, I do hope so.

Well, I'm off to the airport now and I'll check in next week from Lebanon!


Friday, January 20, 2012

MiMi's Pregnancy Journal: Week 4 - Are we Preggers?

4 weeks pregnant- January 20, 2012

Well, its one of those days!!! I've been counting down to today and yes, its time to take that pregnancy test. It's been a surreal couple of days. I've felt so different.  Tired, sleepy, nauseous, cranky and elated.  Oh, and I'm craving Okra with fufu.  Sweet mercy!!!  I know its too soon to feel any of this. 
So, I took the test and drumroll............................... I'm PREGNANT.  PRAISE God!!! I'm so excited. So beyond happy.  I've always said that when I get pregnant, I won't find out the sex of the baby. We'll see if this stays true. 
So, I guess this is my 4 week pregnancy blog..  I can't wait to experience this amazing new journey with my hubby. 
Stay with me as I document all the wonderful changes yet to come!  If I'm correct, my expected due date will be september 28, 2012!

4 weeks pregnant- January 20, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stella & Dot Spring 2012 Jewelry Collection

photo credit:  Stella & Dot

It's that stylish time of year again!  Stella and Dot will launch its new Spring 2012 collection in just 1 day!
We are in love with this new collection.  From the Amalfi collection to the Urban Splendor collection, we cannot get enough of this fabulousity.   The line launches on January 8th, 2012 at  We cannot wait to see what Stella & Dot has in store for brides and their fabulous bridal parties this season!

Visit to check out the new Stella & Dot Spring 2012 collection and leave us a comment about your favorite piece from this new collection.

photo credit:  Stella & Dot

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Side Hustles 101 with MiMi: Side Hustles for Shopping Divas - Mystery Shopping Side Hustles

Get paid to Shop Shop Shop - One common side hustle is mystery shopping.  For those who love to shop, this is definitely a win win situation.  Mystery shopping is quality control measure tool used by marketing companies. Mystery shopping enables marketing companies to measure retail service or product quality. Mystery shoppers usually pose as normal customers and shop/dine/ask questions, and report their observations to the marketing company.

Mystery shopping is used for restaurants, movie theaters, retail shops and so much more. For those individuals who enjoy shopping, why not get paid to do what you love?  Get paid to be the secret eyes, mouth or ears for a varitey of businesses around the country. Pose as shopper to get feedback on customer service, professionalism, etc.

Mystery shoppers are compensated in various ways, depending on the business. Businesses may compensate with either a fixed fee or reimbursement, if the shopper paid initial expenses him/herself. Mystery shopping companies provide the shopper with payment/reimbursement information prior the first mystery shopping excursion.

There are several mystery shopping companies online. As with everything else, be smart and aware - there are scams everywhere!  Do your research.  If it sounds too good to be true, then you know the rest.  To learn more about mystery shopping, visit the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association (MSPA) at  As with everything else, maintain a good financial recording system (including payments, receipts, etc.) of everything for your personal files and the IRS, where applicable. 

Happy Mystery Shopping!!

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MiMi is an attorney, accountant, boutique owner, business and fashion blogger and a budding designer.  MiMi is also the National Fashion Examiner for  To learn more about MiMi, click HERE or check out MiMi's side hustle, Boutique Mix

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Everyday Fashion with MiMi: MiMi's top Bridal Party and Hostess Gift Picks under $50 at Boutique Mix (Clutches)

photo credit:  Boutique Mix

Whether your'e looking for a great gift or the perfect way to start your fashionable new year, Boutique Mix has what you need.  One of our fashion accessory staples is the clutch.  Whether you choose one in black,  blue, red, green, yellow or brown, the key is to choose one that fits your style and personality.  From the 'go big or go home' styles to the demure, 'i'm not trying to make a statement' clutch, you'll find  something for everyone at Boutique Mix.

Clutches are a fabulous and chic way to add zest to any outfit.  It can dress up jeans, a white tee and heels or add a glam finish to a little black dress.  There is no need to go for the latest celebrity trend or covet your best friend's envelope clutch.  Find what works for you and do you. 

Classic clutches transcend trends, seasons and fashion finds.  This wardrobe staple never goes out of style and is the perfect finish on a 'blah' day or 'i'm too fab to deal with you' day.  As I always say, its a new trend if its classic and it is not already in your closet.  Boutique Mix carries a diverse array of fabulous and stylish clutches that range in price from $10 to $200. 

I've listed 35 of our favorite Boutique Mix clutches under $50.  How low can you go?  As low as your frugalista heart desires. 

To shop any of these clutches, click HERE or visit