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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Side Hustles 101 with MiMi: Passion does not always equal cash

Sometimes your side hustle is something you do merely because you need the cash; this could be your part-time job. Not everyone likes mowing the lawn - some folks may find it therapeutic but not everyone does.  If you do it for the cash, then it's probably your part-time gig, but it can definitely qualify as a side hustle.

At some point, some folks turn their side hustle into their full-time gig. These are usually folks who are actually passionate about and love their side passion. A few key things to ask yourself -

Is your side passion something you're willing to do for free?

Are you so passionate about it that you would do it even if it does not generate a positive cash flow?

Until you can answer yes to that question, please do not quit your full-time job.  Don't forget that no matter how passionate you are about your side hustle, if it becomes your sole source of income (without proper preparation/planning), you may not love it as much when things don't go too well.

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