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Monday, August 29, 2011

Petra Ecclestone's post-wedding brunch white dress - PHOTOS

photo credit:   Bauer Griffin

We've seen Petra Ecclestone's ivory Vera Wang wedding rehearsal dinner dress, but still haven't seen the uber-luxe Vera Wang gown.  Until then, here are photos of Petra Ecclestone's post-wedding brunch dress.  The bride sure does love white!

I'm loving the fun, structured, flirty white dress and especially love the lovely burst of color with the sassy yellow clutch and strappy pink heels.  Loves!  Click here for photos of Petra's slinky Vera Wang wedding rehearsal dinner gown.

Are you having a post-wedding breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner for your guests?  What will you be rocking?

photo credit:   Bauer Griffin

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Honeymoon fashion: Kim Kardashian's Emamo India printed silk one-shoulder dress style for less

photo credit:  Bauer Griffin

Kim Kardashian arrived from her honeymoon in style.  The reality 'workaholic' showed off her honey glow in a gorgeous Emamo 'India printed silk one-shoulder dress.'  It retails for $500 at net-a-porter

photo credit: net-a-porter

photo credit:  Bauer Griffin

I definitely like Kim's honeymoon fashion. The dress is casually chic and has all my fav colors.  However it is totally out of the budget ball park.  As much as I like Kim's dress, I don't like the price.  Here a few of my one-shoulder maxi dress picks........ perfect for a casual chic, elegant honeymoon and "anytime" dates.

photo credit:  ASOS $58.54

photo credit:  ASOS $58.54

photo credit:  ASOS $23.78

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rihanna's white YSL Spring 2011 jumpsuit is a fabulous honeymoon look

 photo credit:

Songstress Rihanna has the right idea........ Vacation and Ice cream!

While on vacay in Portofino, Italy, the singer recently rocked a fabulous white YSL jumpsuit from the designer's Spring 2011 collection.  I'm loving the cut-out details on the back and her fabulous accessories.

photo credit:

I'm loving the look, but what I'm loving more is that our honeymoon is almost here! As of now, we are 19 days away from the wedding and yes, I'm enjoying the wedding planning and all these diy projects.  After all, they're my jumpstart for my upcoming wedding styling business. 

But at 19 days, all I can think of today is how I'm looking forward to this 7 day vacation.  I'll probably look for a budget friendly replica of Rihanna's jumpsuit if I have time. If not, oh well.  Either way, its ice cream, sun, sand, sleep and relaxation for me.........

Are you taking a honeymoon right after the wedding or waiting until later?

Alessandra Ambrosio's nude dress and heels make a sassy bachelorette party look

photo credit:

Nothing screams bachelorette party or girls night out like a sassy nude dress.  I'm loving the dress, heels and clutch combo that Victoria Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio rocked on a recent night out in Hollywood. Loves!

photo credit:

Petra Ecclestone rocks a sexy white/ivory Vera Wang dress to her wedding rehearsal dinner

 photo credit:  Bauer Griffin

When it comes to Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone's wedding, nothing is over the budget. 

Budget?  What budget??  Not when dear dad is one of the most richest billionaires in the world.......... [insert my wistful sigh!].

We're still looking forward to seeing the "we know they will be fabulous wedding photos" from Petra's wedding to fiancĂ© James Stunt.  Rumors abound that the bride rocked a fabulous Vera Wang creation.  Vera's definitely in high celebrity demand.........

When it came to her rehearsal dinner fashion, Petra went all out in a gorgeous and sexy long white Vera Wang gown. I love the elegance!

The uber lavish nuptials were held at the same castle where TomKat tied the knot five years ago (wow, time really flies).  The Black Eye Peas performed in a private concert at the wedding ...... for a reported $1 million.  What's next for Petra?  Moving into the late Aaron Spellings massive estate, which she purchased for $85 million.

How I would have loved to be a guest or a cristal champage bottle at this event.  LOL!

photo credit:  Bauer Griffin

David's Bridal has stylish dress fashion options for every wedding event on the bride's list

Every bride knows the anxiety and fustration that comes with finding the perfect dress...... no, we're not talking about the perfect wedding dress.  From the engagement party to the post-wedding brunch, I'm loving these options at David's Bridal.

photo credit:  David's Bridal

Kim Kardashian's Vera Wang Wedding Gowns at David's Bridal - White by Vera Wang

Now, for those brides who are seeking replicas of Kim Kardashian's Vera Wang dresses (or the real deal...), Vera plans to debut replicas of all three dresses at David's Bridal.  During an interview with E! News (the Kim Kardashian news hub....), the designer showed off her three replicas and explained that for couture gowns, it takes about three weeks and a lot of hands on time to create a lovely bodice.  No wonder those cost a fortune. 

I saw the replicas during the E! News interviews and they looked pretty good.  Luxe is good, but for those stylish recessionistas, the feel of shelling out a mere $1,500 versus a whopping $20,000 is definitely the smart route.  As far as the replica gowns, after seeing all three on Vera's E! special, my pick is dress no. 2.  Not everyone has Kim's body so for regular women, there will be plenty of room to breathe.......

The replica gowns hit David's Bridal after February 2012.........................!  I guess you've got to give time to enjoy her exclusivity first, right? LOL!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-Wedding fashion style picks: Bachelorette Party and Bridal Party Brunch Picks

When it comes to the stylish part of prepping for your wedding, there are so many fun events other than the uber fab bridal shower.  One thing to look forward to is the always fun bachelorette party and lovely thankful bridal party brunch or lunch.

Whether you're doing the traditonal bachelorette party or not, this stunning gold French Connection number from ASOS is a definite crowd pleaser.  It's definitely one fashion item I'm in love with this week.

photo credit: ASOS

And to say thank you to your favorite gals right before the wedding, cook them a lovely lunch, or take them out for a stylish brunch.  Either way, this elegant dress by Aritzia will no doubt turn their heads.  Love!
photo credit: (A Moveable Feast Starling Dress by Aritzia)

I'm not sure whether I'm doing a bachelorette party or not, but I'm hoping to at least hang with the gals before the wedding. 

What are your pre-wedding festivities plans?

Kim Kardashian's wedding dresses - PHOTOS of all 3 Vera Wang Wedding Gowns and white Bridesmaid dresses

2011's big wedding reality tv special event is finally over!  Until the 2 part E! TV Special, of course.  Which I'll probably watch because I love watching wedding shows regardless of who the couple is.  Plus, how can one ignore the spectacle of it all. 

Anyway, since all the PEOPLE Magazines featuring Kim and her wedding photos seem to be sold out, an ultra fab Krystal over at GLAMAZONS scanned Kim and Kris's wedding story and photos.  I'll just highlight Kim's 3 Vera Wang dresses and white Vera Wang white bridal party dresses.  You can head over to GLAMAZONS to check out the rest of Kim and Kris's PEOPLE Magazine wedding album.

I actually like her dresses for her.  She stayed true to her personality and style.  The white bridesmaid dresses are not too shabby either, in my humble opinion.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Veil and Hair Accessories: Cathedral Veil and Blusher love

photo credit:  Alisa Brides

I used to say that if I ever got married, I'd never wear a veil; let alone a blusher.  After all, I've always been a hair flower and/or hair fascinator kinda gal.  Somehow, as I got into the swing of wedding planning I thought about it and figured..... maybe I'll wear a veil.  After all, how often does one wear a veil, right?  As for the blusher, that was a more recent thought.

And then I came across a veil designer on Etsy and fell in like.  The lovely Alisa from Etsy's Alisa Brides is so talented!  I emailed her and told her what I was looking for...............

So I decided on a cathedral veil with a blusher.  Yeah, I guess its the go big or go home thing.........  From no cathedral veil and blusher!

So far, I've developed a more sentimental love for my veil idea.  I've always loved wedding veils...on other brides.  It's something so traditional, mysterious and romantic about it.  At least, I think so.  Since I don't have that sort of sentiment for wedding dresses, I figured I'd find a veil I love and use it later to make my future daughter's christening dress.  No, I'm not pregnant, but I'm hopeful :-)......

I received my veil last week and it exceeded my expectations!  I'm in love and can't wait to wear it in 3 weeks.  (Alisa, I'll send you pics from the wedding!!!).

And what about bridinistas out there?  Are you planning to rock a veil of any kind? 

photo credit:  MiMi

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A blissful fashionable and stylish fantasy.......... I blame pinterest and my wandering mind

I like to dream in color.  That's what happens when you spend your days writing briefs and trying to figure out how to stop yourself from rolling your eyes and pulling opposing counsel's hair out.  But that's just my fantasy, not yours.  And then there's the fantasy where I imagine myself in Paris in some lovely stylish outfits........just lunching, shopping and living the fabulous life......... And then I'm snapped back to reality by the sound of opposing counsel's voice........  And I go ....... 'why is this my life?'......  And then I remember that I am blessed and loved beyond measure.

So today, this was me leaving for the office............. ignore the super long pants......this was before the heels :-)

And somehow in the middle of a client meeting, I fantasized that this creation below is what I was wearing as I navigated a settlement deal....................  When I'm in court or giving a presentation, I try to imagine the crowd naked and that totally gets me through.... I have no idea why.  Today, that didn't happen.  Instead, I imagined myself in this creation I found on pinterest.........  'insert wistful sigh' .....................  I wonder if my audience noticed the glint in my eye. 

photo credit: via Pinterest